Welcome to the Chef's knife - Shop by culinaris, the chroma cutlery authorized dealer with fair prices.
Looking for the perfect knife, then you are in our chef's knife - shop right. In our chef's knives - brand shop you will find a huge selection of Japanese and European knives in all price ranges.

For every occasion there is a suitable knife. Here, size, weight and portability play an important role. Not only the professional but also the ambitious amateur cook will find it here.

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CHROMA Haiku Kurouchi - Takumi   CHROMA Haiku Pro - Takumi   CHROMA Haiku Itamae - Takumi
CHROMA Haiku Original   CHROMA Haiku Damaskus   CHROMA Haiku Home
CHROMA Haiku Yakitori   CHROMA Haiku Hatsuru   CHROMA TAKUMI
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  • Place 1 - The chef's knife will always fit and is available in various lengths, suitable for meat and vegetables.
  • Place 2 - Fits to the small vegetable or paring knife, which is suitable for small, fine work in the kitchen.
  • Place 3 - The carving knife, a knife with a narrow blade and is ideal for the cutting of meat. There is probably not beautiful to cut than a perfectly grilled sirloin with a perfect carving knife.
  • Place 4 - Fish fillet, no problem, with the sashimi knife. A little tip, cut with it air-dried ham very thin.
  • Place 5 - All bake bread and cut it best with a perfect bread knife. Whole fresh baked, the crisp crust is not a problem.
  • Place 6 - Fish, meat, vegetables, all cut into everything with which Santoku, the all-rounder among the knives. The so-called knife of three virtues is almost indispensable in any good kitchen.

These are just a few, extremely important though in our eyes knife that everyone should have at home.
But we do not want to reveal everything, you work at rest by our range of
Chroma Type 301 Design by F.A. Porsche, Chroma Haiku Kurouchi, Chroma Haiku Pro, Chroma Itamae Suminagashi, Okishiba Masakuni, Chroma Haiku Original, Chroma Haiku Damaskus,Chroma Haiku Hatsuru,Chroma Haiku Home, Chroma Haiku Yakitori, Chroma Japanchef, Chroma Tradition, Kasumi Masterpiece, etc.

Of course, a good knife is only half as valuable, if you can not properly care for and store it. Therefore, you will find in our chef's knife - Shop various articles for perfect grinding and storing your knives. Grinding stones in all grades.
Now enjoy browsing in our chef's knife - Shop.


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