CHROMA - Chef knife grinding Instructional DVD

CHROMA - Chef knife grinding Instructional DVD

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CHROMA - Chef knife grinding Instructional DVD

How to sharpen a kitchen knive?

This DVD shows you the tools and the technique for a perfect finish.

  • Language: GERMAN
  • ca. 35 min.

Learn how easy it is to sharpen a knife

How to sharpen CHROMA kitchen cnives best
See this video instruction and learn how easy it is to sharpen a kitchen knife.

Kitchen Knife Sharpening

There are various types of waterstones & ceramic stones available and normally a medium grit stone is sufficient to start with. However, if the blade is blunt or damaged, it may be necessary to start with rough grit. There are several differences between waterstones and ceramic stones. A waterstone must be placed in water and allowed to soak for 10-15 minutes to allow it to absorb sufficient moisture. A ceramic stone also requires water, but only needs to soak in water for 3-5 minutes. A ceramic stone is harder than a waterstone, so it will sharpen your knives more quickly. A ceramic stone will last longer and will not develop valleys or grooves as easily as a waterstone.

Kochmesser Schleifanleitung

  1. The stone should be soaked for the required amount of time before use.

  2. Hold the knife so that the blade meets the stone at a 10-15 degree angle, then push back and forth across the stone in smooth steady strokes maintaining the same angle. Maintaining the same angle is most important and you will know that you are maintaining the same angle from the sound the knife makes against the stone. If you are making the same sound with each stroke back and forth against the stone, you are maintaining the same angle.

  3. Repeat the stage above on both sides of the blade going from one side to the other until your knife is sharp and there are no burrs on either side.

  4. During sharpening a certain amount of wet powder will appear, but do not wash or wipe this residue and continue sharpening. Although this powder appears unsightly, it is this residue which sharpens the knives.

  5. After sharpening, your knives should be washed in hot water and then towel dried.



Culinaris - Voucher for Knifesharpening

You can acquire a voucher which you can use to have your knives sharpened by Culinaris Kitchenaccessories / Cookfunky. Culinaris is one of the leading suppliers of Japanese cooking knives and the matching services. The sent in knives are sharpened cold by hand across whetstones - one voucher per knife - no serrated knives - no ceramic knives.

  • The ideal complement for those who have a high quality knife or who want to give it to someone as a present.
  • Trust our sharpening experts. You will be amazed by the quality and the result.

After having received the voucher please send in your knife to:

Culinaris Logistikzentrum
Döbichauer Strasse 1-3
04435 Schkeuditz OT Dölzig

You have to pay for shipping when you send the knife to this address. Culinaris / Cookfunky will pay the shipping when it will be send back to you.

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