CHROMA Dorimu D-01 - Utility Cnife 12 cm

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CHROMA Dorimu D-01 - Utility Cnife 12 cm

CHROMA Dorimu D-01 - Utility Cnife 12 cm - Indispensable for peeling, chopping and decorating. Small and handy utility knife

  • blade length: 12 cm / 5"
  • Blade:  Full damask blade
  • +/-1 61° HRC
  • Handle: Norwegian iron maple
  • Made in Japan


Dorimu is Japanese and stands for „dream“.
His inspiration was the CHROMA HAIKU Itamae that costs around 2-3000 Euro per piece. A damascus knife with wooden handle.
Not this „show“ damascus knife with a VG-10 core like CHROMA HAIKU Damascus and almost all others. One where the damascus cuts and not the core VG-10. This knife can be made sharper and will stay longer sharp.
The output is convincing. A pure damascus forged blade with an Iron-Maple handle that not shrinks. The handle comes from Norway and is treated in a special way, so it will not shrink, so no gaps where food and bacteria can stay. Dorimu is extremely sharp and stays longer sharp. It fits well in the hand and is just a pleasure to work with. A real Dorimu!

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