Okishiba - OK-02 Fugubiki Fillet Knife 27 cm

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Okishiba - OK-02 Fugubiki Fillet Knife 27 cm

 Okishiba - Fugubiki Fillet Knife - The traditional Japanese knives for filleting fish or meat in an elegant, slim shape.

OKISHIBA knives are the most exclusive, most expensive and best knife in the world! These knives are no longer produced. OKISHIBA Masakuni SAN - the "God of Blades" died 1990th.

  • Okishiba Fugubiki - The traditional Japanese Fillet Knife
  • blade length: 27 cm / 10,6"
  • Made by OKISHIBA MASAKUNI, Sakai
  • No other bladesmith manufactured knives of this quality. To date.
  • The knives don’t depreciate in value if they are used correctly.
  • Investment and Collectors Items
  • CHROMA Chef's Knife has exclusive for Europe imported nine Okishiba knife.

Scope of delivery: The knives are presented in a quality box, and the blade is protected in a wooden slipcase - Includes brocade bag and a traditional cloth.


THE CERTIFICATE - We hereby certify that this knife is one of a few precious existing knives that were crafted by the renowned blade-smith Mr. Masakuni Okishiba, crafted by means of the characteristic technique which was passed down from the ancient time in Sakai.


OKISHIBA KNIVES - The unbelievable tale of these unequaled knives

Okishiba Masakuni San became the smith of smiths in Sakai, the Japanese city in which work is often traditionally done by hand, until he died a miserable death of a liver disease twenty years ago, in 1990.

Okishiba had become self-employed at an early age, after his 17-year apprenticeship to his father, the renowned bladesmith, Okishiba Masatsugu, and had opened a small forge in his house, as was and today still is often customary in Sakai. Within no time, Okishiba was getting the best prices for his products, which he would sell to the Association in Sakai, a customary practice at the time and one which is still often followed today.

Okishiba was a lone wolf. No one, not even his wife, was allowed into his forge. All too early, this brilliant master bladesmith fell victim to alcoholism. He spent all his money on it. He worked in order to make money to buy alcohol. And yet, his blades remained unmatched. No other bladesmith manufactured knives of this quality. To date.

Many three-star chefs are still working with Okishiba’s blades today, and they cost as much as 5 million yen. Used knives!

  • The knives don’t depreciate in value if they are used correctly.

New knives are unobtainable - Okishiba has been dead for over twenty years. The head of the Association in Sakai, Mr. Shinoda Keizou, still has a few blades in his warehouse that he gives upon request to the best chefs in Japan, but to no one else. Officially, he doesn't give these out any more. The response to requests is that they are sold out.

Shinoda Keizou, who never has a knife to spare under most circumstances, thought it a great idea that the best knives from Sakai should advertise for Sakai in Europe, and he has allocated to us nine (9) blades, perfected by the CHROMA team who also manufacture the outstanding HAIKU PRO and HAIKU ITAMAE Suminagashi knives. CHROMA to promise not to re-export the knives to Japan, Okishiba’s knives are in extreme demand in Japan.

Even though a Japanese master chef can cut a piece of paper into four in the air with the Okishiba knife, a European would have trouble cutting an apple with it. He might break off a piece of the blade, which has been ground extremely thin. Sharpening the Okishiba knife also requires a lot of experience.

To any interested Western buyer, I would recommend purchasing an Okishiba knife only as a collector’s piece, not as a knife to work with, since its care is expensive and demands a lot of experience. It is a fascinating knife that you simply must get your hands on!

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